Flooring Design Specialists

Stylish, practical and unique. We provide our clients with ideas and materials to enable them to create their vision for a modern, contemporary environment.

No matter how small your design brief is we can help you achieve a unique interior finish.

From contract carpeting and vinyls to bespoke resin systems we are capable of designing, specifying and installing the very best flooring finish available. We provide a consultation service with bespoke colours and layouts giving you and your client full satisfaction.  Because of our experience you can rely on Taranis to fully appreciate the look envisaged whether Front or Back of House.

We have a wide portfolio, some examples of which are to be seen on this page. Here you are able to see the wide range of projects we have been involved in from pubs & clubs to hotels and restaurants. We not only install flooring but can use our materials to create striking features such as can be seen in the images..

Carpets and vinyls speak for themselves. Delightful colours and long lasting surfaces mean pleasing and enduring finishes.

Resin flooring can be used to great effect by combining both the qualities of the above. Seamless, colourful and hard wearing these resin systems can look like carpet but will not absorb spilled drinks thus will remain looking great far longer than any carpet. With the new banning of smoking in Scotland, this is even more effectual as odours cannot build up or be held in the floor.

From Industrial to glamourous we have the look that will set the tone for your environment. Whereas previously only furniture or fittings would be used to generate an ambience, our floors are more than capable of defining the environment.

St. Andrews University, resin bar top
Zone 2 Silver Nightclub
re,sin floor, Fat Sams, Dundee
Feature, Lansdowne Bar, Glasgow
VIP Room Silver Nightclub
non slip resin dance floor
Bespoke resin floor for Sports Bar, Ayr


Showroom & Office:             469 Dumbarton Road Partick Glasgow G11 6EJ


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