It is the purpose of Taranis Flooring and Design to provide a consultancy service for discerning users and householders to deliver a hard wearing floor to be proud of .

The management team at Taranis have over 65 years experience in the flooring trade. From the beginnings of composition and resin flooring we have been involved in the development and application of new techniques and materials. From basic screeding to the very latest in flooring technology we have been at the forefront in the industry.

We have worked with all sorts of materials from a wide range of manufacturers and have helped design and modify the materials to ensure the progression of the industry. Many varied industries have benefited from our work with them.

We can safely say that we have solved many issues with flooring materials in the industrial environment and as a result of which we are now able to pursue the design element of our work. We have worked long and hard in partnership with our resin manufacturers, in particular Altro Floors Ltd., to create a range of materials unique to the industry.

High design, bespoke and hard wearing flooring is the result of our hard work and we delight in offering our service to the many industries we work with. This is in addition to the highly experienced tradespeople within our company. From carpets to resilient to resin flooring our company is devoted to the advancement of our own industry.

Taranis is the name of the Celtic God of Thunder and is also known as the god of change. This is how we see Taranis Flooring, an entity set up to change the way flooring is perceived and utilised. Our Flooring and the research involved in developing our materials leads us to provide an interior finish which can be used in lieu of traditional design materials such as paint, furnishings and light. Our floors can create a unique feature in any room and with the bespoke service we give, your design need never be replicated.

Finally, "creating floors with imagination" means exactly that. Not only is our imagination employed in our work in flooring but the outcome of that is an imaginative use of materials, space, colour and design.

Enjoy the life of your floor. For a very long time.

Showroom & Office:             469 Dumbarton Road Partick Glasgow G11 6EJ

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